Why Us?

With over 15 years in this industry, we can provide Notary Service at an expert level. 

The convenience of coming to you or meeting online, on your schedule will allow for a hassle-free, efficient experience.

We do thousands of Notarizations each year, so you can feel confident that we have the highest level of knowledge, professionalism, and understanding when Notarizing your documents. 

Our History

After working for a company that specialized in training and establishing notaries, I was able to learn all the ins and outs of Washington State Notary Laws. During my five years there, I spent my days answering questions from all types of Notary Publics on common practices and legalities, 

as well as worked directly with the State Notary Department to ensure proper conduct.

One question I would often receive was, "Can a Notary come to me for the service?"  

That company did not provide traveling notary services, so this had to found elsewhere.

I realized that this is a service that is often pops up for people suddenly. The requirements for a Notary can be very time-critical, in the location of the signer (often at hospitals), 

and require some expert knowledge as the customer often has completed the form before.

Starting Seattle's Notary Public was done as a side project as I focused
on my studies at the University of Washington and later on my career in Corporate Finance. 

However, the need of the customers kept coming in.

I decided to fully focus my attention on the growth of Seattle’s Notary Public. I recruited and fully trained my husband, Aaron, to be an expert himself on  the laws associated with proper Notarizations. Aaron has been running the business for 8 years now and we have grown, adding a full staff with witnesses as well as notaries.

Working for over 15 years in this industry, I am confident that you are making the 

best choice with Seattle’s Traveling Notary Public.

-Colleen Anderson, Owner