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Notarization (each)                                                   $10.00

Some documents require multiple Notarizations

A valid, government issued photo ID is required for each signing

    Witness (each)                                                         $ 5.00 

    For your convenience, we can provide up to two witnesses.  

    Please allow for at least 24 hours to arrange appointments that require      more than one witness. 

*During COVID we are unable to provide witnesses.

    Certified Copy (each)                                                       $ 20.00 

    We can certify a copy by either meeting you at a copy store and watching the       actual copy as it is made or if you provide the original and a color copy, we         can compare the two documents and inscribe the notarial language to 

     certify it as a true copy of the original.

Travel Charge                                                        $ 60.00 - $ 90.00

Rate determined by distance and amount of time traveled, call or email for a quote!

*All travel rates a subject to time and distance adjustments.  

Travel fees are required to be paid for every appointment and are nonrefundable.

Appointment time slots are 30 mins, please advise if you think it will need more time. 

Call or email with questions