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Our History

After working for a company that specialized in training and establishing notaries, I was able to learn all the ins and outs of Washington State Notary Laws and realized the needs of educated and reliable notary services in our area. 


This often pops up for people suddenly and can be very time-sensitive and requires travel to the location of the signer (often at hospitals).  There is a level of expertise and customer service required in order to make signing go smoothly and quickly.

I recruited and fully trained my husband, Aaron, to be an expert himself on the laws associated with proper Notarizations. Aaron has been running the business since 2015 as we have grown and become the go to mobile notary service in the Greater Seattle Area.


With thousands of notarizations per year and over 15 years in this industry, you can feel confident that we have the highest level of knowledge, professionalism, and understanding when notarizing your documents. 

Colleen Anderson


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What do we provide?

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